Speaking out Investigation


26 February 2015

Statements published 

Statement by Hattie Llewelyn-Davies, Chair of Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS

Press statement from Dr Androulla Johnstone, Chief Executive of Health and Social Care Advisory Service, and independent lead investigator for the report into Jimmy Savile's association with Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

26 February 2015 Investigation reports published 



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Publication of investigation findings

Friday 20 June 2014

Following the emergence of new information, the independent Speaking Out investigation into the activities of Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital will not now be published before the summer as originally planned.

Given the nature of the issues under investigation and the importance of hearing from all the witnesses the Trust believes it is important that the final report is thorough, comprehensive and accurate.  Accordingly it will now be published in the autumn of this year.

Speaking Out investigation poster

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Speaking Out Investigation into Jimmy Savile’s alleged activities at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Friday 11 January 2013

Last year, the Trust set up the independently monitored, Speaking Out Investigation, which is being led by independent investigator Dr Androulla Johnstone and overseen by a Local Oversight Panel led by Trust non-executive director Keith Gilchrist.

Anne Eden, Chief Executive said, “The investigation is serious and complex and is currently reviewing files and records from the last forty years before it moves on to meeting and hearing from witnesses. We expect it to complete the investigatory part of the work by the summer, and to complete the report by the end of 2013.”

“As the investigation’s name suggests, it is very keen to hear from anybody with any knowledge that they feel could help its work or anybody that needs support because of Jimmy Savile’s alleged behaviour.  I would urge anyone with information to contact the investigation team so that they can record it, offer support and investigate what happened.  There will be regular public reports to the Trust Board on the investigation’s progress.”

Statement - Jimmy Savile allegations

Friday 23 November 2012

These shocking allegations are about serious crimes and it is essential they are first investigated by the police who are the proper criminal authorities and have the expertise, power and experience to uncover the truth and identify criminality, wherever it is.  

The Trust is proactively working with the police to fully support their investigation.  We will also act on information the police uncover and provide to us when they have concluded their investigatory and legal processes and ensure that any abuse or misconduct discovered is dealt with.

We have had a direct dialogue with victims who have contacted us in the last few weeks and have heard directly, with immense regret, of the harrowing ordeal they experienced with Jimmy Savile.  We have encouraged all victims to contact the police and have shared with police all the information we have identified from our ongoing investigation.  

To supplement the work of the police investigation, we are thoroughly reviewing all information available within the Trust to establish the processes and arrangements in place over the past forty years. We are looking in-depth at Jimmy Savile’s dealings with the hospital and what access he was given.  This review is being independently overseen by Kate Lampard, on behalf of the Department of Health to ensure that it is robust and any lessons for the NHS can be quickly shared and acted upon.

We take the protection of our patients very seriously and have clear safeguarding processes in place, particularly for children. Our safeguarding procedures have passed all national standards and inspections and are subject to regular and independent assessment.  

In addition to meeting these standards, we are also reviewing our current safeguarding procedures, with the independent Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board, to give our patients, communities and staff the assurances they expect about the quality and safety of their NHS services.