Speaking out Investigation

Independent investigation into the activity of Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

The Speaking Out investigation has been established by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust to investigate the very serious allegations of criminality made against Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital over many years. Stoke Mandeville Hospital became part of Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2003, which then became Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in 2010. It is now the Trust’s responsibility to commission an investigation into what happened, when, where, to whom and why. 

This investigation is called Speaking Out, because we want to give everybody who has been affected the opportunity to have their say, have their experience acknowledged and investigated, in confidence. We recognise that many people have felt unable to speak out and be heard until now. 

This investigation will be undertaken alongside inquiries by other NHS organisations and the Department of Health. The Speaking Out Investigation is being independently overseen by Kate Lampard, on behalf of the Department of Health, to ensure that it is robust and any lessons for the NHS can be quickly shared and acted upon.

The investigation will:

Our formal terms of reference are here.

It is essential that these alleged crimes are first investigated by the police who are the proper criminal authorities and have the expertise, power and experience to uncover the truth and identify criminality, wherever it is. The Trust is proactively working with the police to fully support their investigation. 

The Trust will also act on information the police provide to us when they have concluded their investigatory and legal processes and ensure that any abuse or misconduct discovered is both considered by the Speaking Out Investigation and dealt with by the Trust.

This website will be updated with general information but the investigation cannot

publish detailed information on its investigations.

A final investigation report will be published, as requested by the Secretary of State for Health.

Following the emergence of new information, the independent Speaking Out investigation into the activities of Jimmy Savile at Stoke Mandeville Hospital will not now be published before the summer as originally planned.

Given the nature of the issues under investigation and the importance of hearing from all the witnesses the Trust believes it is important that the final report is thorough, comprehensive and accurate.  Accordingly it will now be published in the autumn of this year.